Learning begins with relationships... And blossoms with creativity!


You will feel it when you walk through the doors, the difference.

The effective guiding and caring skills of our staff, combined with the positive atmosphere and uplifting energy at Creative Advantage is what enables us to provide the children with boundaries while allowing them to have joy, freedom, and FUN within each day at daycare. We know that the happiness that radiates from loving our jobs, being creative, and having healthy relationships will transcend from us, to your children, to your family.
With a strong element of creative development, an amazing facility, and an incredible team, we are confident that we will show our DREAM of creating an incredible place for families has COME TRUE!

Our facility is perfectly suited to the needs of children. We have rooms for each developmental stage. We have an Infant program (0 – 16/18 months), a “Tweenie” program (16/18 months – 24/28 months, a Toddler program (24/28 months – 36 months) and a program for 3-5-year-olds. These separate rooms are equipped with developmentally appropriate toys and equipment. The programming for each program targets specific learning opportunities for the developmental stages of the age group in each classroom. Our creative instructors design each program’s daily schedule, not only with learning opportunities in mind but with a child-lead learning approach that is stimulating and most importantly FUN for the kids!

With three outdoor play areas; one for under 36 months and two for 3-5 year olds. We do not need to take the children to neighborhood parks, we have our own! We also take our Toddlers and 3-5 year olds on fun filled field trips!

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