Toddler Program

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Toddler Room – Benvoulin Location

The age range in the Toddler room is anywhere from 20 months – 3 years of age. The children all sit in chairs at the tables and they sleep on a Nap Cot during rest time. The programing in this room is more advanced and includes more fine-tuned aspects of fine and gross motor skill development. The children participate daily in art, circle time, free play, and story time. In this program it is important for our teachers to model and praise appropriate behaviour. We create care plans when needed to help children who may become frustrated with their own ability to communicate or control emotions so they can be properly set up for success in co-operative play and social interactions.
We are masters of potty training in this room and usually have high success rates in a very short time period. The Toddler program is a very rewarding program for not only the children but also the parents and staff as we watch them flourish in their development.

While we typically have an open door policy, due to the Covid-19 pandemic we have had to temporarily suspend this and have implemented the use of the HiMama app in all of our programs to keep communication open and give parents and guardians an insight into their child’s day.

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