The Dream

Jen Edge – Founder of Creative Advantage Childcare

Hello! My name is Jen Edge and I am pleased to introduce myself as the owner of Creative Advantage Childcare Inc. I would like to share with you how the dream of Creative Advantage began…. When I was a young child, my mother ran a daycare in our home. This is where my passion for children began. Then, in my 20’s, I had two beautiful baby girls one after the other. I had intended on going back to work as a Restaurant Manager, however my experience with daycares in Kelowna had not been positive and I did not have the confidence that I would have needed to leave my precious children. So, I switched careers and created a daycare in my home. Not only did I realize how desperate Kelowna was for quality childcare, but as a working mother, I also found it challenging to get my kids to all of their extra-curricular activities, in the evenings and on weekends, without it coming at the expense of quality family time. I wanted my children to have the opportunity to refine and explore their character, interests, and talents, but there was only so much time left after working all day. This is a tough balance for many working parents as neither one should have to be sacrificed. Not only are these activities time consuming, but it is also tough to find room in the budget.

With a personal passion for providing childcare and compassion for families in this situation, a dream began to take shape with the vision of giving children the Creative Advantage within the curriculum of a childcare center….at no extra charge! A center that goes above and beyond to cater to the needs of the families within the community, relieving the pressure associated with trying to provide our children with opportunities and experiences. The dream of giving parents peace of mind; that their children are not only being well cared for while at daycare, but that they are also being provided with opportunities that inspire creativity and character.
I am happy and very proud to tell you that this dream has come true! Creative Advantage is not just another daycare, but a “home away from home” environment where kids are well cared for while learning and discovering who they are and what their special skills are. It is a place where kids are exposed to unique classes such as; yoga, dance, music, and sports. A place where they are encouraged to explore and expand upon what makes them uniquely wonderful.

This dream has not only taken shape but expanded! The basis of offering above and beyond daycare is about running a daycare with CARE and being dedicated to a high standard of consideration and compassion for families. This is why a pre-school program is now incorporated into our 3-5 Program. Another benefit for full-time working parents that would be otherwise unable to give their children the opportunity to prepare for Kindergarten. I strongly believe that it is an integral part of development not only to allow children to discover their creative interests, but also to instill an aptitude for academic achievement. These years of a child’s life are a platform to set children up for lifelong success.

Our commitment is to continually strive to provide a caring environment and profound experiences that will foster the social, physical, intellectual, creative, and emotional development of the precious little children in our care.