Fees & Forms

Interested in enrolling your child? The first step would be to read through our Parent Handbook to ensure that your needs and beliefs align with our policies and philosophy regarding care. Then, send us an email regarding your need for care including the age your child will be at the desired start date and contact info. With being known as an outstanding facility, at times the wait lists are quite lengthy. We do not have a fee to be on our wait list. Please follow the link below to enter in your information and be automatically added to our waitlist.  Once we are able to make room in our schedule, we consult the wait list and recommend to those at the top that they take a tour of the facility to see our wonderful environment. You will then potentially have an opportunity to secure a spot.

Once a spot is secured, we will need to have everything outlined in the Registration Checklist filled out before we will be able to begin the gradual entry process of adjusting and building a bond with your child.

We are happy to help parents that are applying for The Affordable Child Care Benefit which is a benefit that subsidizes daycare costs. Applications should be sent in 6-8 weeks prior to the time care is needed to allow for processing. If you are applying for subsidy, please read through the subsidy application checklist and fill out the application. When everything is completed you can bring it in to us and we will then sign the Child Care Arrangement form for you.

Emergency Cards

Parent Handbook

Registration Checklist


Days Per Week Monthly Payment based on Care Category
0-36 months 3-5 years
 1 day  $400 – $70 Fee Reduction = $330  $330 – $20 Fee Reduction = $310
 2 days  $625 – $140 Fee Reduction = $485  $500 – $40 Fee Reduction = $460
 3 days  $900 – $210 Fee Reduction = $690  $700 – $60 Fee Reduction = $640
 4 days  $1075 – $280 Fee Reduction = $795  $840 – $80 Fee Reduction = $760
 5 days  $1265 – $350 Fee Reduction = $915  $1000- $100 Fee Reduction = $900

Additional Fees: $40 – Registration Fee; $10 – Emergency Preparedness Kit

Post dated cheques are collected each December for January-June and again in June for July-December.
PLEASE NOTE: Rates are subject to change.

FREE OF CHARGE: YOGA, DANCE, ART, MUSIC, and as many HUGS as needed!