Dear Creative Advantage Staff,
It seems like yesterday that Russell was only 11 months old starting his first day at your facility.  He has knowledge now that we never expected him to reach at his age and it is all thanks to every staff member and teacher that he has spent time with. We cannot thank all of you enough, for the care, love, support, and energy you have contributed in the four years Russell has been here.  It is because of each and every staff member that Russell is who he is now as a young man.  You have helped us shape him into the creative, unique, determined boy that he is.  Thank-you from the bottom of our hearts. The Matthews

Dear Creative Advantage Staff,
Thank-you! Your hard work is truly appreciated.  Your patience and love towards Gabs is amazing and I know she loves each and every one of you. I know you will keep going the extra mile for these kids and I look forward to watching my little miss’s development in 2014! Matt

Thanks so much for providing a safe and enriching place for kids to be taken care of.  Emerson seems to have fit right into the Tweenie room and we feel good about our decision to send him to Creative Advantage!  Your warmth, extra care, and time as we transitioned him into daycare was very much appreciated.  Thanks for everything you do to ensure the kids have a positive experience away from home. Taylor

Dear Jen,
Thank-you so much for all of you time, attention, and love in creating a great daycare and truly a home away from home for our little boy; and thank-you for such an ideal influence on the first years of his life, we will miss you and your team and are more grateful than you could know. The Povahs

Dear Creative Advantage Childcare,
We are very happy with Luella’s time at Creative Advantage and all the smiles and stories she has brought home over the years.  We will continue to recommend Creative Advantage to everyone we meet.  We’ve been happy with every teacher Luella has had here. The Hansens